Medical tourism in Armenia

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Incoming tourism to Armenia means the arrival of foreign tourists to the country for the purpose of recreation, travel and acquaintance with local attractions. Armenia, located in the Transcaucasus, has a rich cultural heritage, architectural monuments, beautiful landscapes and hospitable people.
Incoming tourism to Armenia has seen significant growth in recent years. Many foreign tourists visit Armenia to study its history and culture, visit ancient monasteries, make pilgrimages and get acquainted with local traditions and cuisine. Armenia also attracts nature lovers with its mountain landscapes, including the Ararat mountain range and Lake Sevan.
The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, is the cultural and architectural center of the country. Here, tourists can visit attractions such as the Cascade, Matenadaran (National Library of Armenia), the Armenian Museum of Art, as well as stroll through the streets of the Old City.
Armenia is also known for its ancient monasteries such as Garni, Khor Virap and Tatev. Many of them are located in picturesque mountainous areas and offer wonderful views of the surrounding nature.
In order to develop inbound tourism, Armenia is actively working to develop infrastructure, create comfortable conditions for tourists, expand the hotel offer and promote its tourism potential at the international level.
In general, Armenia is an attractive destination for foreign tourists who are looking for a unique cultural experience, beautiful natural scenery and the hospitality of the people.